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In order to maintain a beautiful smile, you have to have a healthy foundation. With preventive and general dental care options at our Hesperia practice, Dr. Reza Shirazi can make sure any problems are caught as early as possible with the goal of stopping them from becoming bigger issues down the road. We offer a number of advanced ways to help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums, as well as to identify what could become very serious oral irregularities that can affect your overall health. Dr. Shirazi is a highly experienced dentist and believes in giving each of our patients customized, compassionate care. These treatments are just some among many at our practice that can be helpful for maintaining optimal oral health and preventing small problems from becoming much worse.

For more information on preventive dental care, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Eagle Dental today.

Oral Exam & Digital X-Rays

Comprehensive oral exams enable Dr. Shirazi to take a good look at your teeth, gums, and other areas of your mouth to see if there are any problems. These exams can help Dr. Shirazi identify cavities, the buildup of plaque, gum disease, and many other issues in order to provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Shirazi recommends at least two oral exams each year.

Dental x-rays are often a standard part of an oral exam, and our practice utilizes digital x-ray technology to make the process as quick and convenient as possible. Digital x-rays can be viewed almost instantaneously, and do not require developing chemicals that may be harmful to the environment. Plus, they offer precise and detailed images of your oral anatomy while reducing radiation exposure by up to 90 percent when compared to traditional film x-rays.

Oral Cancer Screening 

Regular oral cancer screenings are the keys to early detection and treatment for a condition that can have serious, even fatal consequences. With early diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer, studies have indicated the chances of survival to be approximately 80 to 90 percent. Dr. Shirazi can perform these quick and painless oral cancer screenings as part of your regular oral exam here at our practice. It’s very important to remember that early warning signs of oral cancer may not be noticeable to you in the early stages, which makes it even more critical to have these routine screenings. Dr. Shirazi recommends at least one per year for patients who do not consume alcohol or tobacco products, and at least two each year for those who do consume these products.

Dental Cleanings

A teeth cleaning is often paired with your regular oral exam here at Eagle Dental. A professional dental cleaning can thoroughly clean your teeth and reach areas that a conventional toothbrush can’t access. These procedures can remove bacteria and plaque buildup, reducing the potential for developing gum disease, cavities, and other problems. Plus, dental cleanings can give your teeth a refreshing polish and provide you with a brand new reason to smile!

Dr. Shirazi recommends at least two dental cleanings each year to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Our Registered Dental Hygienists are on staff to ensure your cleanings are done right. 

Periodontics (Gum Care) 

Dr. Shirazi offers advanced periodontal (gum care) options to treat gum disease and successfully renew the health of your gums. Gum disease affects millions of Americans, many of whom may not even be aware they have it. Untreated gum infections can lead to gum recession, bleeding gums, tooth movement, tooth loss, and even risks to your overall health. Dr. Shirazi can treat gum disease with non-surgical techniques designed to remove pockets of bacteria and disinfect the gums. He can also utilize state-of-the-art laser dentistry to help minimize discomfort, enhance precision, and reduce recovery time.

In addition to gum disease treatment, Dr. Shirazi offers periodontal procedures such as non-surgical “gummy smile” rejuvenation, which uses laser techniques to remove excess gum tissue and create better symmetry and balance between the gums and teeth.